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Odif and Rogerz: An audio play




Play written and directed by Jay Isaac
Script Editor: Kathryn Mockler
Audio Engineer: Courtney Rafuse

Odif: Maxwell McCabe-Lokos
Rogerz: Andre Ethier
Narrator: Courtney Rafuse
Grayd: Vlad Bobeika
Anice Good: Played by herself

Original Music composed by Lorenz Peter
(0:01-1:35, 8:50-9:15, 21:19-22:49)

“No Hell”, written and performed by Jay Isaac and composed
by Christopher Sandes (53:57-55:05)

Sound Sequence


Jesse Huisken,  “Etobicoke”, 2012 (25:18-26:46)

New Fries, “Gertrude Stein Greeting Card from Pape/Danforth”, 2016 (26:47-29:09)

C or C Noise Factory, “Chips or Cookies”, 2017 (29:10-31:48)

Josh Reichmann Oracle Band, excerpt of “Before Ocean”, 2017 (31:49-35:25)

Bay of Creatures, “Fleas”, 2012 (35:26-39:26)

Still Boys, “He Likes it Like That”, 2015 (39:27-41:41)

Andre Ethier, “On Mondays”, 2017 (41:42-42:49)


Running time- 55:05


Produced for the exhibition, “Futurisms”, curated by Adam Lauder
at the McIntosh Gallery, Western University, London, Ontario. 2017


© Jay Isaac, 2017